“Complimentary” Pre-Winter Safety Inspection from EurWerks

Chet recommends preparing your vehicle for the bitter months ahead with a “Complimentary” Pre-Winter Safety Inspection from EurWerks. Even if your vehicle is an older model Chet will ensure your vehicle will be in top condition before the first winter days. From grille to tailpipe, a rigorous analysis will be completed, including everything from checking and adjusting your belts and tires pressure, topping up fluids to testing the thermostat, battery, brakes and suspension.

Enjoy a safer, more exhilarating winter drive with fewer fears than you’d expect.

EurWerks is a unique Automotive Center; the cornerstones of our special approach to service are reasonable costs, automotive expertise, and a unique appreciation of the value of integrity. Our mission is to provide the highest standards of craftsmanship while offering the best automobile service at competitive prices. In this regard, we not only anticipate to exceed your expectations but also convey to you personally our deep commitment to customer satisfaction.

To learn more about the “Complimentary” Pre-Winter Safety Inspection, please visit EurWerks Service Center at 4203 Charlotte Ave., Nashville 37209 or call us at (615) 864-8871 to book your inspection.

Happy driving!

Ed and Chet

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